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About Us

General Practice Attorney

Hermiller Law

We will protect your legal rights. The Law Office of Gregory J. Hermiller, LLC is a General Practice legal firm serving clients in a variety of areas of the law. Mr. Hermiller is known for his zealous representation of his clients whose cases involve OVI and criminal charges, civil litigation cases, family law disputes, business entity incorporation and management, wills, estates and trusts, and more.

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Knowledge and Experience

What We Do

OVI and Criminal Law

Criminal Law, as distinguished from civil law, is a system of laws concerned with persons that are accused of committing criminal offenses.


»OVI offenses


»Drug Possession Offenses

»Traffic Offenses


Business & Corporate Law

Business law encompasses all of the laws that dictate how to form and ultimately manage a business entity. It deals with the formation and operations of corporations and Limited Liability Corporations (LLC).


»New Business Startup

»Corporation and LLC formation 

»Contract drafting, negotiation and dispute resolution

Probate Law

Probate involves the process of proving that a person’s will is valid, and thereafter, administering the estate of the deceased person according to the terms of the will. This area of law defines how a person’s property is administered in the event they are unable to manage their own affairs or deceased.



»Wills and Trusts

»Power of Attorney


Domestic/Juvenile Law

In the common law tradition, the law of domestic relations is a broad category that encompasses:



»Child Custody

»Child Support


»Juvenile Delinquency and OVIs

Civil Law/Personal Injury Law

Civil litigation involves disputes between two or more individuals or business entities. This area of law includes such actions as:


»Personal Injury/Auto Accident

»Contract Disputes

»Foreclosures and Collections

»Civil litigation 

Real Estate Law

Real Estate law involves land or property rights and the transfer of those property rights.


»Deeds and other property transfers


»Lease Agreements/Farm Leases